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10 Things to Add to Your Vision Board

The New Year is upon us and many of us have set some goals for ourselves. To increase your manifestation powers take a step further and actually write them down. How about taking a leap of faith and actually making a physical Vision/Goal/Dream board. I'm sure you have heard of this, if your not sure what I'm referring to here is an example of one:

Dream boards are basically a collage of images, and affirmations of your desires and dreams. They are meant to be a source of motivation and inspiration. The Boards help you clarify your goals and keep your attention on your intentions.Heard of The Law of Attraction? this is a LOA exercise that will help you manifest your best life! Now that you have an idea of what dream boards are and the purpose, are you thinking of making one? You can, its very easy! Heres a list of supplies you will need :

- Poster Board

- Old magazines

- Glue/ Double-sided tape

- Photos that inspire you

- Art Supplies ( Markers, Paint, Glitter, etc.)

- Time

- Tea/Wine

Now what do you put on this board? First make a list of goals, affirmations, and dreams! There is no right or wrong here! now your chance to be creative and bring your vision to life, here are 10 things to add to your board...

1. Health/ Fitness: place pictures of your ideal body, food you would like to eat, exercises/sports you would like to try.

2. Financial: Do you want to save? Make more money? invest? Add pictures of money, Stock Market.

3. Business: Have a business or want to start one? Find images of what type of business you would like , images of how you would like to improve your business. You can add things like decor, furniture, colors, logos.

4.Relationship: This can be family, friends, and intimate relationships. You can add pictures of your loved ones. Dreaming of getting married? Add bridal pictures. What dress will you wear, what ring do you want?

5. Spiritual: Add images of inspirational words, affirmations, chants, and scriptures. You can find images of meditation if that's a goal of yours as well.

6. Hobbies: Have you thought about starting a new hobby or maybe you have one and haven't set aside time for it. Add this to your board! It can be collecting, knitting, or singing, whatever it may be find pictures that relate to your dream hobby!

7. Recreational: Have any outdoor adventures in mind? Want to try a hike or how about skydiving? Be bold and add this to your board. Think outside the box and add a hike in the Amazon!

8. Charity: Do you have a charity in mind that you would like to donate time or money to? Maybe you have been thinking of making lunches for the homeless in your city. Put this on your Dream board!

9. Material Wants: This is the fun part. We all have wants wether they be luxurious or essential. Add images of your dream home, car, wardrobe, jewelry, whatever your heart desires!

10.Travel: Where to? This year plan to catch flights not feelings. Where do you see your self traveling? Add images of your dream travel locations and if you already have trips plan add the places you would like to visit once you arrive.

This weekend my family and I will be making dream boards and we are super excited! This will be the first for my son who is 11. I have a ton of old magazines ready. Pinterest is also a great source for images, if you have a printer handy. You can do this alone, with family or friends. There are even dream board parties you can find in your local area!! Remember this is your dream board and there is no right or wrong way to do this. You can make more than one throughout the year. Be Creative and watch your dreams become your reality!



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